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أفضل الأناشيد - Best Islamic Nasheeds

Achieving Mindfulness and Spirituality Through Nasheeds

Most of us live our lives without actually being present. We are simply passing time, doing day to day activities. With the everyday worries of lives we forget what the real purpose of our creation is. The result is anxiety, depression and this feeling of uneasiness which we are unable to tap. Allah created us to worship him, to spread his message around and to spread peace on His Earth, but how many of us actually do all these things?

There are some core values which are common in every religion of this world. These include kindness, love, compassion and liberation from suffering. Most of us are running after materialistic things. We value things which will parish. This is why our health is suffering. Most of the people around us have problems such as cholesterol or diabetes; these are all stress related diseases. The key to good health is becoming humble. It lies in achieving mindfulness and spirituality.

The spirit and our physical health are two different things, yet they are interconnected. Our bodies can never be healthy and running until the spirit is happy. The spirit feeds from Zikr of Allah, following his orders, doing good to others. Listening to Nasheeds is a great way to achieve mindfulness and spirituality both.

Nasheed singers very carefully write the lyrics. Every Nasheed reminds the listeners about how merciful and kind our Lord is. Nasheeds remind us about qualities of our Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H.) There are some Nasheed artists who deliver the beautiful message to   their listeners about being humble, being grateful and living the life in true Islamic spirit.

The beauty of Nasheeds is they remind the listeners to not lose their faith. They remind them how merciful Allah is and how he never leaves anyone alone. There are times when one goes through these rough patches in life. One such example is “InshaAllah” by Maher Zain

“Every time
You feel like you cannot go on
You feel so lost and that you’re so alone
All you see is night
And darkness all around
You feel so helpless you can’t see which way to go
Don’t despair
And never lose hope
‘Cause Allah is always by your side

Insha Allah
Insha Allah
Insha Allah
You’ll find your way”

 Another beautiful piece is “Rabbana Rabbana” by the Islamic band Labbayk. Just a few lines from the Nasheed are

 “O Allah I turn to You, in my times of need and joy
Truly You know everything, make my worries be no more”

Nasheed artists always keep the tunes mellow and combine them with heart touching voices. It is not possible to listen to a Nasheed and not let it touch your heart and awaken your spirituality. One can feel themselves relaxed and at ease right away. This is the magic of Nasheeds unlike the contemporary music and tunes.

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