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Ahmed Bukhatir – The Man Behind Famous Nasheeds

Ahmed Bukhatir is an Emirati Nasheed vocalist. He is the main Nasheed vocalist from the UAE to ever top a Virgin music chart and is famous all over the world. Born in Sharjah, UAE he was the fifth to his family. His dad was a financial tycoon all over UAE. As a kid Bukhatir spent many hours focusing on the Islamic center in Sharjah learning various standards of Quranic recitation including Tajwid. Ahmed started singing in his late teenage years and released his first collection in 2000 entitled Entasaf Al-Layl. Throughout his career and recording sessions, he always sang without melodic instruments as indicated by the Islamic Sharia law. His live performances have attracted a huge number of audience. Along with Islamic nasheeds, Ahmed likewise performs nasheeds which focuses on community issues in various societies both within and outside the universe of Islam. Today Bukhatir is thought to be among the ten most noticeable artists of Nasheed in the world.

Ahmed Bukhatir has released numerous collections covering numerous themes that incorporate Islam and group issues. He has recorded melodies in English, Arabic, and French. Some of his famous albums are Entasaf Al-Layl (considered bestseller in UAE), Al Quds Tunadeena (another bestseller in UAE), Fartaqi, Samtan, Da’ani, Hasanat, Moments with Allah and Prophet of Peace

This year Ahmed Bukhatir dedicates all his Nasheeds to orphan claiming it to be the Year of Giving. Ahmed Bukhatir known for his tuneful voice has decided to contribute to his latest Arabic collection “Yateem” or ‘Vagrant’ to the Year of Giving. Ahmed Bukhatir believes that the UAE is dependably there for everyone who needs assistance. According to him this activity is so astonishing and reflects how the UAE Rulers do watch over others including orphans, helping powerless individuals, negligence of their religion, race, shading, dialect, and ethnic foundation.

In his current collection, Bukhatir tries to reveal insight into what’s happening on the planet and the effect of the present wars and battles on youthful kids, especially in the Arab nations. According to him heaps of individuals have been slaughtered, genuinely harmed, tormented and dislodged. They have fled their own nations to search for a more secure place. He believes that youthful kids are the most influenced by this battle with a huge number of children end up having no guardians, no place to reside, no sustenance to eat and nobody to deal with them. This intense issue has convinced Bukhatir to dedicate this collection to orphans aiming to create awareness within the entire world depicting the aftermath of defenseless kids who have nothing to do with the whole battle. Through his Nasheeds, the message that he wants to give is that those kids require us and our assistance. We must be there to help them by every possible method.

His collection, created by Fadi Tulbi, has turned into a web sensation via web-based networking media and sites, including that it is so far seen by more than 115,000 individuals.

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