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Ahmed Bukhatir Shook The World With One Of Its Kind Album “YATEEM / ORPHAN”

While speaking to Khaleej Times, Sharjah based UAE singer claimed to be the resident of such a country which is considered to be the most caring countries across world.

Ahmed Bukhatir, in his recent interview to Khaleej Times, claimed that UAE tops the chart among the most caring countries across the world.

The well – versed popular singer from Emirat, Ahmed Bukhatir, has rejoiced all the Emiratis to become the part and to have honor of the most inpsiring initiative “Year Of Giving”.  Undoubtedly, Ahmed Bukhatir is well – known for the tuneful voice with which he has decided to chip – in his recent initiative in the album “Orphan” or “Yateem”

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While speaking to Khaleej Times, Sharjah based UAE singer claimed to be the resident of such a country which is considered to be the most caring countries across world.

He stated: “The UAE is always there for everybody in need of help.”

The basic reflection behind his initiative is to actually expose the UAE rulers and let the world know how do they care about others, he said

“I am very happy to be part of this great country that is always ready to support vulnerable people, disregard of their religion, race, colour, language and ethnic background.”

He further added,

“The UAE has an awesome record in effectively taking part in humanitarian causes around the world by giving food, water, clothes, medicine and shelter.” The basic ingredient that proudly speaks at higher volume is none other than “Humanity”, said Bukhatir.

While emphasizing, he quoted that Emirati people has got a promising drive,

“It helps us come closer to each other, spell our energy and effort in helping others, learn how to aid and make that part and parcel of our culture, flesh and blood.”

“Yateem”, Bukhatir’s fresh album, unfortunately sheds the light on recent happenings around the world and the thunderous impact of current disputes, fights and wars against young children, especially in the Muslim countries.

“Lots of people have been killed, seriously injured, tortured and displaced. They have fled their own countries to look for a safer place,” he said. “But, young children are the most affected by this fight.”

Such dilemma with which many kids have end up being parentless & nowhere to go or stay, nobody around to take care of them, nothing to eat, lack of medical attention / care, extreme climatic conditions, dieing out of hunger has shook Ahmed Bukhatir entirely inside out. Being the odd one out, Ahmed felt his responsibility and came – up with the initiative of awaking the whole world for the sake of those vulnerable children who literally have got no stake in these recent attacks.

“My message in the clip embedded with English titles, is that those children need us and our help. We have to be there to support them by all possible means.”

Hisham Zarzor, a renowned poet in the Emirati music industry, has come – up with the lyrics while idea was presented by Bu Khatir.

“The 5.35-minute album has been composed and sung by me,” he said.

For the curious fans of Ahmed Bukhatir out there, spotlight clips were shot in remote town of Algeria – Al Qasba which entertains the complete story of children’s sufferings & emphasize on the importance of raising this issue to international councils. However, rest of the album was filmed in one of the Algeria’s huge parks.

Fadi Tulbi has produced the album which has caught the fire all over social media and became the trend within no matter of time soon its release, adding to it so far more than 1 Million people have viewed it.

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