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New Ahmed Bukhatir #Fathfar جديد أحمد بوخاطر فاظفر بها

“Fathfar” – A New Addition By Bukhatir To Society’s Mindset

An era that exists of large cash payments, expensive gifts, lavish wedding – the ideal worth of the dowry should be no more than some Arabic dates. However, this practice has long gone and dowries have become a dilemma of our society. This has deeply been felt by Ahmed Bukhatir which ultimately led him to speak on this issue. With his beautiful voice and melodic tone, Ahmed Bukhatir released his new song “Fathfar”. The theme-line of Fathfar (“Get Hold of Her”) is to encourage the youth to get rid of man-toned hurdles like hefty dowries and get married with ease and comfort.

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Islam has never encouraged or endorsed the offerings of dowry in any case; however, it has become quite rampant especially not only among the Muslim countries but all over the globe. At the same time, Islam doesn’t limit a father to give her daughter gifts, money or arranging wedding feast but to make such things demand and seeking such ways for exploitation is not only immortal but a crime itself. Such actions should be discouraged and condemned at all levels by our society. The song, Fathfar, is also a part of such campaign to redirect the youth to right paths and to not put any family under pressure for hefty dowries just for the sake of marriage.

In fact, it is quite opposite in Islam when it comes to dowry. Islam has ordained such a beautiful system where a husband has to give her wife dowry (mahr) that symbolically shows that the man has accepted her in terms of financial means and responsibility. Ahmed Bukhatir has pointed the very same learnings in his recent song which is nothing but a bitter truth. It is quite a question to ponder that how our practices and attitudes have started to drift away from the examples well-set by our Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H).

Song lyrics are as follow:

فاظفر بها
أداء و ألحان : أحمد بوخاطر
كلمات : هشام زرزور
إدارة و إشراف : فادي طلبي
إخراج : زكريا ميموني

فاظفر بها

حتى متى أبقى فتى عزْباً يناجي نجْمَ السماء
هامَ فؤادي ما منْ أنيسٍ أشكو له مُرّ العناء
هل آن لي أن ألقى حبيبا يُكمِل ديني يَروي حنيني
قال أبي قد آن ذاك ذاتُ التقى كنزٌ أتاك
فاظفرْ بها ترٍبتْ يداك

زوجاً حباها ربي تعالى خُلُقا كريما عقلا جمالا
العينُ منها تُغْضي حياءً والوجهُ منها نورٌ تلالا
أرنو إليها فتَقَرُّ عيني أُصْغي إليها فيزولُ حُزْني
إن تنأَ عنّي أشتاقُ قُرْباً أو تدنُ مني أزدادُ حُبّا
معها سأبني بالحب داري معها سأجني حلو الثمار

يا قومِ رِفْقاً بالزوجِ لطفاً لا تُرْهقوهُ كمّاً وكيفا
إن الزواجَ قد صارَ همّاً أضنى الشبابَ فاختارَ عزفاً
إن الغلاءَ زادَ البلاءَ والخلقُ ساءا والطهرُ خفّا
يُسرُ المهورِ طولَ الدهورِ للودِّ أبقى والعيشِ أصفى
إن الحياةَ بالحبِّ تُبنى فالحبُّ أسمى والحبُّ أوفى

Until when, will I stay young?

Single, conversing with the stars

My mind has wandered

I do not have a companion

Who I can complain to

The bitterness of this pain

Is it time now, to find the one?

Who’ll complete my religion,

And water my yearnings

Therefore, father has said, It’s time

The one who’s pious,

Is a treasure granted to you

So get hold of her,

You’ll surely be the winner

A wife who Allah has blessed with,

Kind ethics, wisdom and beauty

When you look at her, you feel shy,

As light glitters on her face

I long to see her, hence my eyes will be satisfied

I hear her out, hence my sadness will go away

If she leaves, I start to miss her

And if she comes close, I love her even more

With her I’ll build, my home with love

With her I’ll reap, the fruits of life

I urge you people, be lenient with the ones who seek marriage

Don’t tire him with the how and much

Marriage has become like a burden

It exhausted the youth, forcing them to astray

The pricey life, has increased distress

Ethics have been ruined and purity has lessened

Simple dowry will increase life between the couple

And will insure love and a fine life together

Life builds up with love,

for love is high and for love is valuable.

The enriched song “Fathfar” beautifully describes the relationship of a husband and wife. A couple can easily go through all the ups and downs of life provided if husband values his wife, gives respect and treats her like a princess while the first-lady keeps on appreciating her man for the effort he’s putting to make things run through. Ahmed Bukhatir emphasized that how such beautiful relation can be turned into rituals that never existed. The youth should build up their lives with love rather than hefty dowries. The relationship between a husband and wife can only be long-lasting if love & fine-life is insured together. If a couple wants to feel the true essence of love, purity, and marriage – it is best to encourage kind wisdom, beauty and ethics from both the ends.

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