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Make Your Children Listen to Nasheed Songs (أغاني إسلامية)

Make Your Children Listen to Children Nasheed

Islamic singers do not only sing about Allah and his Prophet (PBUH) but have moved beyond that to spread positivity around the world. It is music that talks about things other than women, booze and drugs. The mainstream songs seem to have a very harmful effect on the youth but they are so addictive that it is difficult to drag young children away from it and to counter this, Islamic singers have made Islamic songs as such that they can be equally addictive. After Yusuf Islam traveled many Islamic countries, he discovered the musical instruments traditionally used in the Muslim world especially during the Ottoman empire where musical instruments were used to cure people and used those instruments in his Children Nasheed.

Many Islamic Singers realise the need to sing Islamic songs in popular genres such as hip hop and RnB so that it becomes more oriented towards our youth. While doing so they spread messages of peace love and harmony along with other messages of Islam. Beautiful voices carrying a beautiful message are more easily heard and the messages are more readily accepted than if it were delivered during a sermon.

Every child has an IPod or an IPhone now and parents can try to limit their children’s exposure to the mainstream media but only to an extent; An outright refusal from parents can come bite them in their backside a better way to guide one’ child away from something is to give them an alternative path. Nasheed is that alternative from songs that may cause young minds to think and then act like the devil.

Nasheeds are not all such that they focus only on the muslim youth but youth all around the world as the message of spreading love can relate to people of all faiths. This is exactly what is needed in the world today where wars are being waged and men women and children are brutally being murdered. Violence is fostered in children since when they are born and no matter how hard a parent tries; it seeps in from one place or another. Even if parents try to limit the exposure to violent video games and cartoons children often indulge in them when visiting a friend’s house or going out. Hyper sexualised images are constantly bombarded on them through billboards, magazines or even while they may simply be visiting a mall even when living in a muslim country. Islamic songs can become a great way to counter all that negativity and guide the children to become better human beings. Children are our future and it is our responsibility to shield them and protect our deen.

Some great Islamic singers that appeal to the millennial and post millennial generation include Maher Zain,  Dawud Wharnsby and Ahmed Bukhtatir. There are even bands that cater to the younger generations such as outlandish and Native Deen.

Checkout Video section and find beautiful Children Nasheed.

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