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منشد إسلامي مشهور يعتقد أن الموسيقى هي لغة العالم

An Artist Who Believes That “Music Is A Universal Language”

Today, all lovers of Islamic music are very well aware of the name Ahmed Bukhatir, who is a renowned Emirati Islamic singer famous for his ‘acapella’ style for singing. Bukhatir is a singer beyond excellence with more than 10 (Plus) million fans across the globe. He is undoubtedly an artiste who believes that ‘music is a universal language.’

To date, Ahmed Bukhatir has majorly sung in three languages including Arabic, French and English. He wishes to deliver his message to the world in every language as much as possible; he says, “We should be able to surpass the barrier of languages and communicate in whatever medium possible as the more the world seems to get closer, the more far apart we as human beings are growing.”

Ahmed Bukhatir was born in Sharjah, 1975, to a business family of UAE. As a child, Bukhatir played various roles; he spent several years at an Islamic center in Sharjah where he learned the rules of Quranic recitation called Tajwid. He started his professional career at the age of 20 and released his first album in 2000. At present, Bukhatir serves as the Senator for the government of Sharjah. He obediently stepped ahead to perform his role and civic duties the moment he was asked to serve.

The songs of Ahmed Bukhatir usually revolve around character, values, importance of relationships, and how one should strive to become a good human being and be thankful for everything you have before God takes it away. Here are a few examples of the messages contained in his songs: His song ‘Ya Bunaya’ revolves around the respectful relationship of a father and a son; the song ‘Ummi’ provides a glimpse of the beautiful relationship of a mother and her child; ‘Zawjati’ is a wonderful song that highlights the importance of the relationship of a husband and wife; his song ‘Last Breath’ reminds us of how unpredictable and delicate life is.

The name of Ahmed Bukhatir stands among one of the very few artists whose every single album has made way to success upon its release. Whether it is his critically applauded and commercially winning album “Entasaf Al-Layl” which also became one of the best-selling albums in UAE and GCC countries, or his rest of the albums “Al Quds Tunadeena,” “Fartaqi,” and “Samtan,” which were all major best-sellers, Ahmed Bukhatir has received immense praise for each one of these. His fifth album “Da’ani” has sold more than 150,000 copies in Europe and UAE and includes songs in both Arabic and English. In the year 2007, his album “Hasanat” was released which sold more than 250,000 copies in UAE and abroad and topped the Virgin music charts across the Middle East for a period of 7 weeks. His latest album is “Moments with Allah” which yet again proved to be a huge success among the international audience and music lovers as he is the very first singer from the GCC to sing a song in French that is included in the album; the song’s name is ‘Pourquoi les hommes pleurent’ and has been very popular among French audience.

Being an internationally recognized artist, Ahmed Bukhatir wishes to deliver the message of peace and love to the world through his music. At present, Bukhatir is also working toward the elimination of child hunger from the world and wishes to support the World Food Program of the United Nations.

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