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Why Have Nasheed Songs Gained so Much Popularity?

Nasheed Songs have gained immense popularity over the years. This is especially true in this day and age where Muslims and Non Muslims alike listen to nasheed songs. Some Nasheed songs such as Hasanat by Ahmed Bukhtatir have also made it to the top of music charts. How is it that Nasheed Songs have become so popular?

They Send Out Positive Messages

Nasheed songs stand out because they follow the theme of positivity throughout. They are thoughtful art pieces that make us reflect on our thoughts. Nasheed songs speak to us beyond the vulgarities which we find in music today such as Rap and Pop music. Millenials are interested in ideas that go beyond themselves and many realise that there is a person beyond themselves. Nasheed songs also work how Christian bands work where he only discussion is not about god but nature and how to be closer to the Supreme Being. Such Positive messages are not only supported by parents but appeal to children alike.

Nasheed Songs also put a positive image of Islam infront of those who are not followers of Allah. This is especially needed in a time where muslims are considered Jihdists and extremists. It is important to make people realise that muslims are like any other people in the world but are grossly misunderstood. This is important to especially those who suffer prosecution in Non Muslim country. This marginalisation is another reason that people look for solace in Nasheed Song. These songs continually remind us of our purpose in the world.

They incorporate popular genres

Nasheed Songs are sung with and without music where certain instruments are allowed in Islam. These songs are often rapped or sung in other popular genres that today’s generaion is able to link to.  These tunes are catchy and people genuinely enjoy them.  Music by Zain Maher who was formerly an R&B singer and music producer is quite popular amongst the newer generation.  There are also Islamic songs that have very little music. Zain Bhika performs with very little music and adds a touch of his own. While Dawud Wharnsby employs folk music. The bottom line is that there is something for everyone. Nasheed Songs are much like popular mainstream songs but they just target people who are closer to religion.

It is harder for young muslims to follow Islam as there are many distractions these days. There is vulgarity, nudity and excessive drug use on every corner. There are too many temptations and Islamic songs are a great way of shielding oneself from the worldly pleasures for a pleasant hereafter.

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