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Nasheeds – Bridging Gaps between Generations of Muslims

Nasheeds – Bridging Gaps between Generations of Muslims

The famous theme park “Six Flags” recently celebrated Muslim day. It is not the first event of its kind and the park has done this before also in order to bring different cultural groups together even before. It mainly catered to Muslims belonging to different parts of the world, sharing one thing in common that is their religion “Islam”. Among other offerings such as Halal food one of the salient features was that “Islamic music” known as Nasheeds were played throughout the park.

Music has the ability to bring people together despite of their language, beliefs, and ethnicities and of course age. If the music is meaningful, soulful and composed beautifully it can do so in a much better way. And Nasheeds are doing just that.

If we look at the contemporary music we can conclude without a doubt that it is not suitable for all audiences. The same goes for their videos; a decent family cannot simply sit together and enjoy that sort of nuisance in the name of music. On the other hand if we listen to Nasheeds we will see the case is quite the opposite. Islamic Nasheed artists have performed to auditoriums filled with people of all ages. We see children, teenagers, men and women of all ages enjoying Nasheed.

Nasheeds give a very positive message. They do not just talk about Allah. They preach of compassion, they teach humbleness and gratitude. Sometimes Nasheeds are even a reminder about our responsibilities and duties as Muslims. When such advice is given otherwise the younger generation usually pays very little heed. However, when these advices take the form of poetry and are being told in a heart touching manner they have a very different impact. They can bring the listener close to his creator. Anyone who comes close to Allah naturally becomes aware of his or her responsibilities towards others.

Muslim youth today feels alienated. They feel they cannot relate to their elders and neither can they relate to the youth all around the world. Nasheed artists have given a new identity to these youngsters. As they understand their religion and its teachings, it is felt they naturally understand the system of family in Islam.

Nasheed have been sung for as long as Islam has existed. They have evolved over time. Therefore, Nasheed today are sung in multiple languages and we see that both Arabic Nasheed and English Nasheeds and even those sung in other languages such as Urdu or Turkish are enjoyed by people of all ages from all over the world.

Through their message of peace and harmony the Nasheed artists have brought generations together. They have given an Islamic form of music which the Muslims can enjoy in times of festivities. Nasheeds are played at festivals such as Eid where everyone seems to enjoy them in the same way.

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