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Nasheeds Introduce Listeners To The Right Way of Life

In today’s world attempting to lure youngsters away from the allures of modern lifestyle and towards the right way of life is nothing less than an uphill battle. They can see the flashy lifestyles of the singers and movie stars and want all of that for themselves too. The advertising industry has glorified all the materialistic things to such an extent the unconsciously be it adults or the youngsters everyone is attracted to this flashy lifestyle.

The Nasheed artists are managing to fill a niche. Till a few years back one could so this was not done adequately, but this is not the case anymore. There are Islamic singers from all parts of the world who make use of modern technology. They are using channels like Youtube and itunes to spread the message of Islam and steering the listeners to the right way of life. That is the way that Allah almighty chose for us.

It is a way where one leads their life in a humble manner. They are grateful for whatever Allah has blessed them with. It is a simple way of life where one spends his time in worshiping and doing whatever good the can. Recently the concept of Zen living has become popular. There is a lot of talk on mindfulness and spirituality. People who have been unable to find peace are turning towards this lifestyle. We as Muslims are blessed because this lifestyle has been taught to us long time back by our Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H.). Islam asks the believers to spread peace and love. This is exactly what the Nasheed artists are doing.

Today there are a number of Nasheeds which talk about being humble, being grateful and following the right path. Sometimes we see brothers and sisters who have strayed from this path of Islam. Sometimes preaching to these people not work. In this case Nasheeds can work as a powerful tool to bring anyone closer to Islam and remind them about the teachings of the religion.

The Nasheeds are written and composed very carefully. Every Nasheed has a positive message of some sort in it. Some of the popular topics are praising Allah, some Nasheeds tell about virtues of the Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H.). Then some artists chose to preach about the qualities a Muslim must have and then there are those who chose to sing about keeping the faith and never losing hope.

Always staying positive and believing that Allah will help you in getting out of any sort of calamity is an important part of the Islam. Nasheed singers nowadays have not just modified their style of singing but they have also changed their choice of topics. They are choosing topics which are more relatable to the listeners of today. This attempt has made Nasheeds more popular among listeners of all ages. The Nasheed singers of all languages and different parts of the world are introducing listeners to the right way of life, the way of Islam.

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