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Most Popular Naats Praising Prophet (P.B.U.H)

A Naat is a vocal music, sung and played with the percussion musical instruments like Daf. Mostly sung as the Islamic songs to praise the Last Prophet of Islam Muhammad (P.B.U.H) and the Great Lord. A Naat is known as chants and is very popular in Islam. While religious songs of other religions like Christianity or Hinduism can be played from string instruments, Islamic Naat, however, can’t be played with any musical instrument other than the Percussion Orchestra or the daf. Use of musical instruments is strictly prohibited in Islam according to most Ullama, and hence Islamic Naat doesn’t contain any music in them other than the daf.

Naats are very popular in Islam and sung throughout the Islamic world. The content and lyrics of most Naat is mostly related to Islamic affairs and usually make reference to the beliefs, religion, and culture of Islam as well as the current events.

A greater part of Muslim researchers customarily have held that at any rate playing music with some musical instruments other than the daf are Haraam: evil by the hadith, as well as by the Islamic tradition. There may be, obviously, the individuals who reject such claims, referring to uncovered sacred writings, before prophets, and the case of Mohammed (P.B.U.H) in the energy about the melodic expressions.

However, in the modern day, most of the Naat craftsmen utilize a wide assortment of melodic instruments in their verses and sing Naat along with many different musical instruments. Numerous new Naat artisans are non-Arabs and sing in various dialects including English, Turkish, and Malayan, etc.

Engaging a huge Muslim group of audience and followers and furthermore prompting execution of such specialists at Islamic arranged celebrations, (for example, Milad), gatherings, shows, Eid celebrations and other Holy events, and Young Muslims and craftsmen associations are making use of musical instruments common in Naat regardless of the traditional practice and prohibition of use of such instruments.

Most Popular Naats Sung:

There are a lot of Naat sung and played in many different parts of the Islamic world. As Naats are considered highly spiritual and holy in the Islamic culture, many Naats are available in many different languages throughout the world. It is difficult to say which Naat is better than the other, however; Naats can be ranked by their popularity in the Muslim world.

By the popularity and viewership of the Naats throughout the Muslim world, the list of most popular 12 Naats is prepared:

1. Prophet of Peace:

Prophet of peace is another one of the most heard and one of the most recited Naats written and sung in Arabic. The light tune and sweet lyrics of this Naat makes this one of the best of all time. This Naat is sung by Ahmed Bukhatir. Ahmed Bukhatir is one of the most famous nasheed artists of UAE and has sung this one beautifully. Ahmed Bukhatir is known all across the world because of his sweet and melodious voice and hence he has gained the international reputation all across the world in a very short time. “Prophet of a peace” is among the rarest naat which has been written by the PM of any state. Prophet of peace is written by the prime minister of the United Arab Emirates Muhammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum. Muhammad Bin Rashid wrote this Naat personally and gave it to Ahmed Bukhatir to sing. The naat aired on local TV and got promoted very quickly.

Prophet of peace has made its way to the top 12 naat of all time from all across the world despite of difficult understanding. It is one of the most popular versed naat and hence is one of the most commonly heard and followed Naats throughout the globe.

2. Who is the Loved one?

This is one of the most famous Naats sung by the Pakistani Naat artist Alhaaj Muhammad Tahir Qadri and is sung in the English language. The Naat is about the praise of Allah and the last prophet of Islam Muhammad (P.B.U.H). Because of English, the Naat is one of the most listened and understood Naat in the whole world, and thus it manages to get itself on the list of popular Naats from all across the world.

3. God is the Light:

Sung beautifully by the former British Musician Cat Stevens, this is one of the most beautiful Naats regarding its lyrics and rhythm. Cat Stevens was a British musician who turned to Islam in 1977 and auctioned all his Guitars in a charity later. Cat Steven adopted the name Yusuf Islam after turning to Islam and devoted all his future life in the name of Islam. He has sung various Naat however; God is the Light is a miracle in itself. As miraculous as Yusuf’s turning to Islam, this Naat is a milestone set by Yusuf Islam and is sung and listened all across the world with Enthusiasm and sheer feeling of joy.

4. Ya Mustafa:

Sung By another Pakistani Naat Khuwan, Ya Mustafa is a beautifully composed Naat with deep verses and beautiful rhythm. Sung by one of the most famous Naat Khuwans of the country, Ya Mustafa is listened and followed all across the Muslim world.

5. Intentions Alright:

Intentions alright is written and sung by MYNA (Muslim Youth of North America). MYNA is a community of young people living in North America who sing songs related to Islam and hardships faced by Muslim youth in North America. Beautifully written and sung, Intentions Alright is the most common Naat of North America.

6. Faslon ko Takalluf Hai Hum Se Agar:

Sung and written by the most famous Naat Khuwan and Islamic icon of Pakistan, Qari Waheed Zafar Qasmi, Faslon ko Takalluf is the most listened and most sung Naat in the entire South Asia. This Naat has been translated into different languages all across the world and is a must listen to Naat.

7. Allahu Allahu

Another Master piece by Qari Wahid Zafar Qasmi, this Naat Shareef is the gist of all the Praises for the Almighty. Sung by one of the greatest Naat Artist of all time, Allahu Allahu is known in the entire Muslim world as the most listened Naat. Originally sung in Arabic, this Naat has also translated into different languages including Urdu and English.

8. Hum ko Bulana:

Another beautiful Naat with deep lyrics and joyable verses, Hum Ko Bulana, is also sung by a Pakistani Naat artist and Naat Khuwan Muhammad Rizwan Qadri. This Naat is a prayer, and the Naat artist is asking Muhammad (P.B.U.H) to call him and the entire Muslim Ummah to the sacred place of Medina. The Naat Khuwan is telling his desire to go to Medina and do pilgrimage along the entire Muslim Ummah and is calling Muhammad (P.B.U.H) for help

9. Unknown Future:

MYNA has written and sung this beautiful Naat and has launched it under their album named MYNA RAPS III. Unknown Future is also the most listened Naat in the western world and has gained a lot of praise by the Muslims settled in the North American and European region.

10. Sarkar Ka Deewana:

Sung by the female Naat artist and Naat Khuwan Aanisa Naila Seemi Siddiqui, Sarkar Ka Deewana is the only Naat that has made its way to the most popular sung by a female Naat Khuwan. Aanisa has made only 1 album of Naats up to date but is already known for her soft and mystical voice. Aanisa has shown her love and enthusiasm towards Islam through her Naat and is considered one of the best female Naat artists of all time.

11. Tala’al Badru Alayna:

Tala’al Badru Alayna is surely the most listened Naat in the entire Arabian and Asian region. Beautifully sung by Yusuf Islam, the Naat describes the life of Medina and praises the Holy Prophet of Islam. Sung in Arabic, this Naat has been translated into many different languages and is sung and followed in the almost entire Muslim world.

12. Sweet Medina:

Muhammad Hassan Imam Qadri sang this beautiful versed Naat for the first time, and now it’s sung and listened by different people all over the world. Sung in English, this Naat is easily understandable and hence is listened all around the globe. The Naat praises the city of Medina and prays that every Muslim gets the opportunity to visit the sacred city in their life.

There are hundreds of Naat available on internet and iTunes, and it is really difficult to tell which one is better than the other. Every Naat shares a unique feeling of happiness and blessing and depicts the love for Islam. Ranking Naats is one of the difficult tasks due to their uniqueness and quality of the verses. However, the Naat mentioned above are the best as per listener reviews and popularity.

Naat are songs that are sung to depict the love of Almighty Lord and the Holy Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H). Begun from Arab, Naat are sung now in almost all the Muslim world, and various Naat artists are getting popular for their work and dedication. Islam being one of the most popular religions of the world is followed all across the globe and Muslim community is spread all over the world. Most Muslims hear, follow and sing Naat to praise their love from Islam and to say greetings to the holy prophet. Naat are sung in Muslim events, festivals, Milads and are followed in the Muslim world. Naats carry a lot of significance in the eyes of Muslims and are considered as an important part of praising the Holy Prophet and Lord. Many different artists from all over the world are currently singing a naat, but the most popular Naat artists and Naat Khuwans are from the region of South Asia. The biggest Islamic region in the whole world is producing numerous Naat artists every year who are performing all across the world and are gaining a lot of reputation and applause.

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