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Soulful Nasheeds – Power of Spirituality By Islamic Singers

Soulful Nasheeds – Power of Spirituality By Islamic Singers

Nasheed is said to be instrumental musical vocal that is composed and sung to inspire, re-awake and enrich the power of spirituality in human beings attractively. Particularly in Islam, Nasheeds are written for the sake of ALLAH and Prophet (P.B.U.H) and praise the glory of ALLAH AND Rasool (SAW).

Islamic Nasheed usually does not have musical vocals however, they are sometimes sung to spread the word of religion. To motivate people towards religion and teachings of Sunnah, Quran and Prophet (P.B.U.H) Nasheeds are written in a way that it can inspire millions of souls.

Usually, Islamic Nasheeds are written and composed for telling the message of ALLAH for children, adults, and other people who can learn from it in religious ways. In the Islamic world, Nasheed are very popular among scholars and religious personalities. The perception among Muslims scholars is found that the use of instrumental vocals is prohibited in Islam, but they are being used to attract the hearts and capture the attention of the audience. Muslim scholars and people who are interested in spreading the teachings of Islam in interesting ways write Nasheed. Furthermore, Nasheed have beautiful meaning words and soulful purpose.


This human spirit is sometimes hidden or dead because of many other external distracting factors so that we cannot take the pleasure of power of spirituality. That is also firm and strong if the religious belief is permanent and long lasting. Spiritual and religious songs, deeply emotional words and phrases, musical instruments, and a devotional character, which can inspire the taste of religion, can awaken spirituality. The realisation that Nasheed can contribute a lot in reawakening spirituality has made it a trend especially in Islam that many Nasheed are being introduced day by day.

  • Islamic NASHEEDS:

Islamic Nasheeds are specifically made for the praise of ALLAH and making followers realise that Sufism is also important to us because religion is an aspect of our life that cannot be forgotten or neglected. Our life will be meaningless without the sense of faith and religious responsibilities. Moreover, Nasheed also build the sense of humanity and humbleness among people that is why almost everyone loves to read, write and hear Islamic Nasheed that can attach you to the religion. Nasheed is also a form of expression to satisfy the soul and gain spiritual power.


Nasheeds in UAE are also popular among the world as professional writers and religious Sufi Islamic singers to inspire many have composed it. There’s almost every single interesting Arabic Nasheed with captivating and faithful meanings. It is also thought and believed that women are not allowed to sing Nasheeds yet not believed fully. Moreover, in UAE different scholars and famous personalities find popular Nasheed in Sharjah and Dubai. Ahmed Bukhatir is one of the best Muslim singers in UAE who is renowned for his Nasheeds. Nasheed vastly spreads the message of peace, love, humanity and submission of the soul among the listeners.

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