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أفضل الأناشيد - Best Islamic Nasheeds

Ahmed Bukhatir a Promising Vocalist

Emirati vocalist (chanter) Ahmed Bukhatir is a promising vocalist (chanter), his carefully selected words combined with his amazing voice have brought him to the hearts of millions of people from all over the world. His poems (nasheeds) varied between Arabic, English and French to cover a wide range of languages and to prove that Islamic (nasheeds) can be a link between Muslims and other Muslims, also Muslims and non-Muslims, especially with the openness of the modern youth mentality that makes young people follow everything that is unique and different.

What is beautiful in these (nasheeds) of Bukhatir is that they depend on the art of A cappella, it provides a delicious taste to the listener without the need for any musical instruments, which makes it attractive to any other way especially for Muslims. We do not have to go far to know what Bukhatir is chanting about. (Ya Eid ya Hedia men rabna elkhalak) “Eid, what a gift from our creator” is a poem with such beautiful words which resonant on satellite channels each Eid’s (Muslim holiday) morning to celebrate the greatest days that Allah has given us to rejoice and thank Allah for His grace. We can deduce from these words Bukhatir’s message in his Nasheeds. He gives a great section to remind us that we are living a fleeting life and that we are destined to be judged by Allah and then paradise or hell. But it also motivates us to enjoy this life, as Allah commanded us to do. And to build, plant and construct earth and to be a good successor on it until the day Allah will inherit the earth and every one on it.

Human relations, which we are often overlooked in the hustle of life, have a fair share in Bukhatir’s nasheeds. Nasheeds about the mother and the son and about the wife are enjoyed and have great popularity among listeners of all ages. (Zawgaty) “My Wife” poem with its fresh, kind words give an unusual impression because the Arabian man is well known for hiding his feelings. These words have been greatly enjoyed by listeners and opened the door to outcast, a habit that has become entrenched in the minds of most people in our societies, even though it has no origin. It is well known that our messenger (peace be upon him) was moderate with his wives and was not ashamed to mention them or to express his love for them.

Bukhatir’s words are varied and rich, reaching their goal with every poem. We find the beauty of portraying the verses of Allah as in the Nasheed (Ya Man Yaraa) “O who sees”. We also hear the marvelous selection of words when he chants: (Ay Manaa llgamal eza ghada sahl al manal) “what is meaning of beauty if it’s so easy to get” to play on the girl’s desire to be good and push her toward wearing her veil (hijab).

Ahmed Bukhatir has a number of famous albums with Nasheeds that have become so popular such as (fartaqi) “Become above it all”. His album (Hasanat) “good deeds” has been come in second place in Virgin Music Stores, thus becoming the only Emarati singer to achieve such a rank- level.

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