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Saudia Airlines Further Improves Its On-board Entertainment With Better Content & Latest Nasheed Collections

Entertainment is the core of enjoyment as it is happily consumed by many. To create values, you attract people first, same as the Saudi Arabian Airlines enhancing their package of entertaining programs in their airline. Introducing new and exciting games, television shows onboard, movies, various options for the choice of music and as well as podcasts to keep people engrossed and indulged.

The arrangements have been made for the passengers to be occupied during the flight and have a remarkable experience. Various selections of movies with 6 types of different languages including English, French, Italian, Arabic, Spanish and German and also consisting of a wide range of selection in other international languages as well.

Moreover, to bring more to this entertainment factor the vast choices in the library of movies are introduced by the In-flight entertainment system (IFE). Due to the recently agreed content by FOX and Warner Brothers, they have enhanced their options of various genres like sci-fi, comedy, educational movies, animated movies, Islamic religious shows, business, sports, family TV shows, thriller, and all sorts of interesting genres to keep a variety in the list onboard.

Thus, to make things more feasible, new software has been introduced, which is designed in such a way that it contributes to enhancing speed and good outcome of the IFE. It aims to satisfy the customers providing them lesser bug problem and allowing them to ponder over all content without any obstacles.

Also, they also have broadcast Islamic programs from the Ministry of Saudi Arabia and an assortment of Islamic channels like Dawah and Guidance. The sole purpose of the airline representative is to instruct and bring into knowledge about the history and representation of Islam to the guests those are non-Muslims. As it is an important factor for them to keep a good impression for all the guests that are non-Muslims.

Therefore, as Saleh bin Nasser A-Jasser, the director of the Saudi Arabian Airlines and the person that manages to empower entertainment system for customers as well as working on customer satisfaction, claimed that “Saudi aims to provide their passengers with the latest version of technology and various options when our customers travel for the means of business or vacation. Our airline makes sure that our guests kept themselves intact and occupied with the package of latest entertainment we provide them. We are adamant about the technology that is latest and leading available onboard for our customers.”

The airline of Saudi is much more focused to improve the image and representation of Muslims and Islamic knowledge in the eye of the non-Muslim guests. Due to this, they are developing entertainment programs to enhance the content of Muslims. While other airlines strive to work on their own set up of systems, Saudi airline industry as a whole embarks the journey of improvising more of a factor that contributes to representing a good image of Islam and creating value for the customer for an experience that would be recalled as remarkable and exciting.

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