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Virginia Commonwealth University Islamic Art Expo

Virginia Commonwealth University Islamic Art Expo

There is more to the Islamic culture than the general understanding of people. An event that has never been witnessed since the year 2004 will exhibit its findings and research in the Department of Arts at Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU).  The exhibition will portray art related to Islamic culture and therefore will be taking place in the United States of America in Hammad bin Khalifa Symposium.

Moreover, this is that startling event that everyone is looking forward to which is supported by VCU Arts Qatar. This exhibition will be held on November 2nd and will continue until November 4th hence Italy, Spain and Qatar had the privilege of attending this Islamic cultural exhibition in their countries before the United States of America.

“Upon hearing about Islamic Art, mostly people had misconceptions and perceived the idea that this Muslim event would relate Islamic religion as most of the people have such perception about Islamic culture to a bounded extent. Unluckily we do not possess explanation in the English language that analyses culture of Islam on art instead of highlighting the religion,” Jonathan Bloom said. He continued to congratulate the people of the management of this event and the ones who took part in it thus; they contributed in presenting the real and vivid image of Islam to the outside world. Sheila Blair further added, “We have gathered scholars from around the world who studied the whole aspect of Islamic culture.”

However, the sole purpose of this event to bring into existence is to clear the messed-up image of Islam in the eye of other people. The event will shed some light on the aspects of political factors, gender discussion and the historical events in the Muslim history which will add in empowering the name of our Islamic culture.

The Chairwoman of the Doha Institute of the film, Sheikha Al Mayassa bint Hamad bin Khalifa belonging to a noble and a respected family will be doing the opening while having some words of appreciation for a bright beginning of the glorious event.

In spite of her, other motivational speakers will be attending the event including an architect named Mohammad al-Asad and the respective Princess Wijdan Al-Hashemi of Jordan, founder of fine arts and other institutes and other special speakers included.

The invitation of such effective speakers has created a great hype among people, and a good outcome is expected by Hammad bin Khalifa. Luckily, this cultural event that will represent more of the culture of Islam than the religion will be a welcoming door to the outside public.

This prosperous event is expected to grab the attention of multiple audiences and will be taking place at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. The ticket will cost $10 for the day and to find more information visit this website Islamicartdoha.org

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