Ahmed Bukhatir

La Illah Illa Allah

One of his distinguished clips the most loved by the broad audience of Nasheed is the video clip of the song “La Illha ila Allah” from the album Moments with Allah.

This Nasheed tells the story of a young man who sought shelter in Allah during the most difficult circumstances he was experiencing with his family and due to his financial and health conditions in various details.

The clip was filmed in Istanbul, Turkey. It was received with great attention and admiration from the fans and it was seen on Youtube millions of times.
This clip was also presented as a gift to the various Arab and foreign channels and was intensively displayed in various shows and through the local and global channels. Many of the broadcast media has talked a lot about the success of this clip and has admired and praised the scenario, actors, lyrics and melodies of this Nasheed which dazzled anyone who listens to it.

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