Ahmed Bukhatir

My City Sharjah

My city is Sharjah, bright with light, full of the aromas of the God fearing.The lyrics of “My City Sharjah” is fabulous. This Nasheed talks about the beauty and enchantment of this wonderful city.
The lyrics are written by Dr. Aref Al Sheikh, composed and performed by Ahmed Bukhatir, directed by Ahmed Abdul Basset and under the supervision of Fadi Tolbi. This work was filmed in different locations in Sharjah that are distinguished with their beauty and wellborn culture. It was also clipped among the famous buildings in Sharjah to show the attractions of this beautiful city.

The work was received with great attention and was widespread. The various media talked about the details of this work, the circumstances of its filming and the valuable occasion in which it was launched. They also praised the success of this clip, which showed the beauty of Sharjah, its enchanting climate and the diversity of cultures where there is a harmonious mix between its deep-rooted past and its developing present.

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