Ahmed Bukhatir

New Raheel – Ahmed Bukhatir

Life is a long journey
The intake in it is so little
We’re only here to cross a bridge
As no one will ever stay for long

However life seems so long,
One day will come and we shall all leave
Why do we turn away from the life hereafter?
And dedicate ourselves to desires that’ll disappear?
And why do we persist in loving a life,
When only an ignorant will be deceived by it

You’ve arrived in this life, crying as a baby,
Don’t you want to leave happy from it?

We got drunk by the blaze of its whim,
In fact, it diverted us from anything else

Until we forgot our God, who is close to us,
And meeting Him, death and that difficult day

That day we will realize what we have done
God has counted it but we disregarded it
I call upon You oh God pleading privately and overtly,
Hope depends on You my creator in this world and hereafter

Clean my heart from the love of this world,
And keep it always alive with your remembrance

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