Ahmed Bukhatir

The World of People

From the album Moments with Allah which was released in 2010, Nasheed “Dunya AlBashar” which means “The World of People” was filmed. It carries lofty meanings about social relations between humans and how that the return to Allah is the basis of success in life and of continuity.

The nasheed was recorded in the Egyptian dialect and this was a new experience for Ahmed Bukhatir. It was very popular and was welcomed in the Arab countries, especially Egypt.
The clip of the nasheed is filmed using the most modern photography methods, where they have used animation, which required more than 6 months to finish the work.

The nasheed was composed and performed by Ahmed Bukhatir, and under the supervision of Fadi Tolbi, and directed by Mohamed Ghoneim. This work is considered one of the most important and distinguished works in the world of Nasheeds.

Like all of his distinctive works, this work has been produced with the best available capabilities and has been distributed on various satellite channels and all social networking sites.

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