Ahmed Bukhatir

Ya Akhi

The most beautiful meanings are embodied in the Nasheed of “Ya Akhi”, which was written by the magnificent Hisham Zarzoor and was performed by Ahmed Bukhatir and under the supervision of Fadi Tolbi.

“Ya Akhi” was produced in 2005 and it represented a loud cry in the world of Nasheed which made all the satellite channels race to broadcast the clip. It carries the meanings of brotherhood and friendship between friends as well as brothers, and so it expresses these feelings that brings humans together through the various social relationships.

The making of the video clip took 6 days and took place in Isfahan, Iran in collaboration with the best people in the field of film direction in Iran. And like all his distinguishable works, nasheed “Ya Akhi” was seen many times through social media all over the world.

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